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Strength Training And Athletic Conditioning

Guaranteed Results When You "Trust The Process."

Barbell and Kettlebell Weights

Insight On Your Trainer,

Your Body, the Way You Want It

  • Getting in shape shouldn’t be considered a punishment or an unachievable goal. It should be an incredible and empowering lifestyle changing decision that anyone can make, provided the commitment is there. Ask any of my clients what my favorite motivational phrases are, and they'll answer "Trust the process" and "You don't show up for easy." And I really do stand by them. You absolutely have to trust the Fitness Professional that's guiding you on this journey, and yes it won't be easy. You've tried easy on your own. And how did that work out for you? I promise you that the benefits you derive from this fitness regimen will be well worth the sweat and sore muscles. 

As a Master Trainer with over 40,000 hours of Personal Training sessions and proven results, there's a reason for the features in Vogue, Fitness Magazine, Bridal guide, Good Housekeeping, Food Channel, Latina Magazine, Diets In, Colorado Springs Gazette, Mile High Sports, Cherry Creek Inside Magazine, Denver Edition Your Health,, 24/7, The Denver Post and 9News.

STAC Fitness, along with it's diverse training methods have been covered extensively on media outlets such as ABC, FOX Morning Show and in the Denver Post. We have also been voted as Denver's Channel 7 A-List award recipients for Personal Training Services. We also are proud of being awarded "The Best of Englewood Award" in the Health Club and Gymnasiums category of Personal Fitness Training.

I truly believe that with your commitment level and some expert guidance we can reach your optimal goals in Fitness and Health.

Committed to your success in Fitness, and In Life,

Richard A. Ruiz Master Level CPT


" Our Sanctuary "

The Fast Track to Fitness



You'll be getting exactly what you pay for, Personalized One on One Training. You won't be tossed into some Group Training or Boot Camp class. This is strictly You and Your Trainer. Whether it's Strength Training, Weight Loss or Sport Specific, your regimen will be designed to fit your specific goals in mind.
Now, also offering STAC Fitness Remote via Skype. If you choose to train from home, I'm still committed to providing you with the most effective, impactful workout ever.

Intense Training


The unique program I’ve developed will help burn calories, boost metabolism and improve your overall health. These are a combination of specifically targeting exercises, a long with strategies I've implemented for Corporate Team Building Classes and Small Group Training. It's the Best Of H.I.I.T. Style Training.

Core Fitness


No matter what your sport, the cross over effect you will achieve will amaze you. These are proven methods that I've used with High School Level athletes, as well as Professional Level athletes within multiple sports. Utilizing very unique combinations of plyometrics, strength and explosive power movements, your improvements on the field or court will be measureable and almost immediate.

Crossfit Exercise


A hard but fun routine of Boxing Training. You'll be throwing punches in bunches without receiving any in return. That's the good news. Not so good will be how hard you'll work. And I guess that depends on your definition of what's good? Train like a Boxer but without the risk. And one of the quickest ways to a Hard and Fit Physique.



I have been training with Richard for over a decade now, and I still keep coming back. He's the best at what he does. Whatever it is Cardio, Lifting or Boxing I always leave exhausted but feeling accomplished. My kids and wife also train with Richard. I highly recommend.

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